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70+ content pieces delivered for leading loan provider

Updated: May 11, 2021

Transmit Startups is a financial services provider based in the North East. The team knew they needed high-quality content to attract potential customers to their website. But they didn't know where to get it.

Luckily, social-savvy Marketing Manager Suzy sent out the Bat-signal over Twitter: 'Can anyone recommend a copywriter for a three-month contract?' And her call for help reached Write on Tyne.

Working closely with the lovely Suzy - and in partnership with a local SEO agency - I've been able to create a portfolio of valuable evergreen content for the startup loan provider. To date, that includes:

  • around 50 search-engine-optimised blog posts

  • five guides (with more in the pipeline)

  • one ebook and associated social content

  • a COVID-19 advice hub

  • a weekly subscriber email

  • content for a website redevelopment

  • contributing ideas for campaigns

  • designing and publishing webpages

Analytics from the website for April 2019 and April 2020 show:

  • 82% increase in sessions

  • 54% increase in page views

  • 104% increase in users

  • 6% improvement in bounce rate

Things have gone so well that Transmit have adopted me to the team on a rolling contract.

Suzy says:

'Deciding to bring someone in to write our content was a difficult decision, but keeping Libby on? She made that easy. Libby's expertise is second to none. She's also super creative and generally brilliant to have around. I speak on behalf of the whole Transmit team. What she's produced for us has exceeded our expectations at every turn.'

Suzy has been able to attribute increased web traffic and engagement directly to my content, and has appreciated my strategic and creative input into campaigns.

Check out my content on the following Transmit pages:

Transmit Startups Startup Advice Hub


Transmit Startups Coronavirus Advice Hub


Transmit Growth Loans website


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About me

Libby is a freelance copywriter and content marketer from Newcastle-upon-Tyne. She worked in marketing and communications for 18 years before turning freelance in 2019. She's written for big brands and boutique businesses, crafting customer-friendly marketing content for print and online.


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