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Content and copywriting packages

Make your marketing life easier. Choose two, four, or ten days' copywriting support a month.

How it works

You can choose two, four, or ten days of support per month. 


Typically, clients use this time for SEO content writing - articles and case studies to attract, engage and educate their audiences. Broadly speaking, when you factor in time for research, you can expect about 1,000 words of written content per day. 


You can also use me for copywriting - such as ad copy or email campaigns. The word count on those days will be lower. Not just because your copy needs may be shorter, but because more time is taken up with ‘brain work’ on those days too. 

If you prefer to book ad hoc work rather than a package, budget £1 a word for content. For copywriting prices, expect a discussion to get a firm price. 

'Libby suggested improvements to my services. Not just the verbiage but strategy as well. This is what you get when you select a pro! I highly recommend Libby for all your copywriting needs.'

David Alto

Alto Advance

What do you need?

A helping hand
£1,750 pm


I need a...
Helping hand
£1,750 pm

You’re doing *okay* but could use a little help creating one or two articles a month. You’ve got the briefs, you just need the writer to bring them to life.


  • Equivalent to two days a month

  • Up to a maximum 2,000 words


I need a...
Right-hand gal 
£3,500 pm

You need regular help to keep on top of your content needs - someone who gets your goals and helps create a steady stream of search-optimized articles. 


  • Equivalent to four days a month

  • Up to a maximum 4,000 words


I need a...
Bloomin' lifesaver
£8,500 pm

You’re drowning in demand. You need intense support from a writer you can trust to run with a brief. Plus priority access to my expertise and my undying dedication to your content success.

  • Equivalent to 10 days a month

  • Up to 10,000 words

The (not so) small print


These packages are based on the wordcount/output, rather than adhering to specific days. Typically, clients provide briefs at the start of each month, with deliverables due by the end of the month. There is a minimum three-month commitment and a one-month notice period.

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