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On-call expert for large FE college

Updated: May 9, 2021

Universities and colleges needed to step up their digital communication game when the world went virtual in 2020. With my copywriting expertise in the HE sector, I was delighted to support a top UK college's marketing team to enhance their B2B and B2C marketing and comms.

The client

The largest Further Education provider in their region, this UK college needed to rework its communication to reach current and prospective students better.

The college provides qualifications for 14-to-19-year-olds, as well as adult education up to degree level. They're also very commercially aware and actively partner with high-profile businesses in their region.

Their challenges

Like many education providers, the College didn't have enough dedicated copywriting resource to meet demand. Prospectus copy, website content, brochures, campaigns, email marketing... It was too much for their one in-house writer.

Then, when Covid-19 hit, their marketing and communications staff were rerouted away from the business-as-usual activities and into emergency comms. As a result, they were even more short-handed.

The marketing manager needed fast access to expert copywriting and marketing support, as and when demand overwhelmed his team. He needed someone who could hit the ground running and - when my email hit his inbox, outlining my extensive experience in marketing, student recruitment and education - he jumped straight on the phone.

I love using my superpowers for good, so jumped at the chance to help this community-focused College to promote their life-changing courses to young adults and education-returners.

The Write on Tyne impact

As an expert copywriter, I was able to hit the ground running and immediately increase the College's copywriting capacity, agility and expertise. This allowed the marketing team to respond to emerging pandemic communication needs without neglecting their day-to-day activities.

To date, I've:

  • written a creative B2B campaign targetting businesses as potential sponsors / partners, comprising messaging, case studies, brochure copy and email communication

  • reviewed and rewritten all 'keep warm' communication with young adult applicants to make them concise, clear and engaging, to reduce attrition and increase enrollment

  • drafted several thought leadership pieces on behalf of the busy CEO, resulting in tangible gains in the local community

As the world reopens post-COVID, the College are positioning themselves at the heart of the Government's Build Back Better agenda in the region. I've been delighted to help shape and create the messaging to support that brand position.


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About me

Libby is a freelance copywriter and content marketer from Newcastle-upon-Tyne. She worked in marketing and communications for 18 years before turning freelance in 2019. She's written for big brands and boutique businesses, crafting customer-friendly marketing content for print and online.


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