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Hello, I'm Libby

After almost 20 years working in marketing and communications, I decided to quit my day job and become a freelancer.


I'd spent most of my 30s struggling to come to terms with infertility. Then hit 40! After that mini miracle, sitting in an office 9-5 didn't seem like my top priority. And so, a year after hatching a tiny human, I launched my latest baby into the world: Write on Tyne.

In 2020, I was delighted to be named the Content Marketing Association's 'Best Freelancer' in their International Content Marketing Awards. 


I get it...

​As a former marketing manager myself, I understand the challenge of balancing creativity with the demands of the role. 

My freelance life is dedicated to helping time-poor marketers deliver high-quality projects. I offer flexible professional writing services to give you less stress, more YES! 

Happy to help


I love using my talents to help other people.


When I worked for Newcastle University, it was an honour to use my skills to help young people make informed choices about their future.


As Communications Manager for a national charity, I loved securing  support and resources for a cause I believed in.


And as a freelance writer, I love helping companies and customers connect.

  • Guiding customers to the right products for them

  • Helping companies attract and engage their ideal client

  • Building brand awareness and authority

And that doesn't happen with boring brochures, blah-blah blogs, weary websites or corporate snooooozeletters. It happens with engaging, helpful, human content...which is exactly what I write.

Colleagues Working Together

More than just writing...

I've worked in marketing and communications for almost 20 years. So I can support you with more than just writing.


Clients tell me they love having someone with my knowledge to help them:

  • explore and refine strategy

  • brainstorm creative ideas

  • proactively suggest  improvements 


I am also skilled in design and content management systems.


This means I can upload content directly to your site, design social media graphics and typeset whole publications.

Highly experienced​​

  • CIM qualified, first class English degree, HubSpot certificates

  • 20+ years of professional experience

  • Communications Manager for national charity

  • Writer of marketing materials for Russell Group university

  • Publications Manager for national academic charity

  • Marketing and editorial roles at specialist publishers

  • Various voluntary and freelance communications work


I love creative writing and wordplay. Where it is appropriate to your business, I'll help you stand out with strong copy that surprises and delights your audience.


I'll write your materials in a tone of voice and style that suits your brand and your readers. I'll never alienate your audience with copy that doesn't feel authentically YOU.


I don't agree with using big words just to look clever. I write clear copy in plain English, to make your materials accessible without ever dumbing-down your message.


I won't tell tall tales to make sales. I create honest, benefit-led text that conveys your USPs and builds your brand, without bending the truth.

​​Value-driven content

Introducing our latest team member

Mike Ashmore - a former political analyst, heritage expert and manager in the cultural sector - joins Write on Tyne as our part-time research associate.


Mike provides expert research services to ensure your content is packed with insights and relevant commercial intelligence. Educated to Master's level, Mike brings a wealth of academic and professional expertise to the team.