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Happy copywriting clients

Clients tell me over and over again... 'It's so hard to find good copywriters'.


I know that's what you're looking for too. So here are just a few of the lovely testimonials I've received from happy copywriting clients. See more kind words from satisfied customers on my LinkedIn profile.

Libby is one of those rare freelance copywriters who always overdelivers. It's like she lives to keep her clients happy. She doesn't just check off the boxes on her project brief; she goes above and beyond to make sure that she is exceeding expectations.

I've been working with Libby for the past few months, and every time I submit a brief, she surprises me again with just how far she is willing to go to make sure that we get the result we're looking for. She consistently pushes herself to stretch her capacity and delivers more depth than you can ask for in every piece.

Not only does Libby create high-quality work, but she turns it around quickly—which is really important when you're looking at a tight deadline. She's also a pleasure to work with: friendly, warm, and ready to chat whenever you need her!

Iryna Viter, Head of Content Marketing, Runn

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Starting off as a specialized copywriter for DAM related topics for WoodWing, Libby has proven to be an excellent writer on a broad range of topics. She's capable of quickly grasping new concepts and topics and write concise and attractive content. She's very responsive and a likable person to work with. Nothing left to wish for (apart from a cloned version perhaps?)

Gerard van der Akker, Marketing Operations Manager, WoodWing Software

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I loved working with Libby to get our new site ready. We've invested a lot of time and money into getting the new site ready and knew content was just as important as the journey and aim.

Libby was my first and only choice for content. After seeing her social posts and doing a bit of digging online her authentic, real and human approach to writing it was spot on for our business and the way we want to connect with our audience.

She led the research calls well, taking time to confirm and clarify, and offering pointers on what users would look for and click online. We received it quickly and the web developers were able to plug it into the site build quickly and easily. The content is clean, to the point, and is exactly what we'd have written if we had the talent and copywriting smarts that Libby has!

Even my business partner who hates everything brand and copy related was excited about the end results! And that's when we know we're onto something good!

Nikki Bell, Co-Founder, Fundraising Everywhere


Libby became a very important member of our marketing and lead generation team, albeit on a freelance basis. It took her no time at all to gain a good understanding of the sector we work in, which is vital when writing advice pieces and guidance documents. Her dry sense of humour also meant that she very quickly become popular within the office team!

Libby also needed little management from us - we set her a task and she just got on with it. We contracted her as a content-creator and copy writer but she is also very good at coming up with her own creative ideas and also had a great eye for layout and design in the downloadable guides and playbooks she has created for us.

Richard Myers, Commercial Director, Transmit Group

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