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What is the marketing mix? Hit the sales sweet spot with this mixed-up method

Updated: Jun 7, 2021

Marketing is a pic-n-mix of seven different elements. Combine them in the right way to meet your customers' needs and you'll hit the sales sweet spot.

1. Product

Do people want your product? Be honest. Is it suitable for today's market? What service does it provide? What need does it meet? Does it work? Is it attractive? Look at your product from the eyes of a consumer. Make sure it ticks the right boxes to make it into baskets.

2. Price

Price and profit go hand in hand. It is a tricky balance. Charge too much and lose custom, charge too little and reduce profit. Plus people often make assumptions on price. Charging more can reinforce a premium brand, price reductions attract savvy shoppers. Consider price carefully and as part of your brand position.

3. People

People are the backbone of your business; the ones who make sales, support customers and deliver your services. The right people are key if you want to create and keep custom. Recruiting, training and retaining the best team is a sure-fire step to success.

4. Place

Where do people buy your product? It needs to be the right place for your market. Somewhere they typically shop and can access easily. Places can include physical shops, e-shops, vending machines, apps, trade shows, online marketplaces, salespeople, telemarketing, mail order. Ask yourself, what's the right place to meet your next customer?

5. Process

How do customers get your product or service, and is it pain-free? Pain points make customers leave your business. Do clients tear their hair out trying to call your helpline? Do they abandon buying online because of your shoddy e-shop? Put yourself in your customers' shoes and make sure they're comfy to walk in.

6. Physical evidence

Everything about your business should reflect your standards and your brand. You're not going to trust a dentist with a dirty waiting room, or a luxury car dealer with a typo-riddled website. Build customer trust through attention to detail and brand consistency at every touchpoint.

7. Promotion

Having a great product is a start, but only if people know about it! Promotion is getting the message out there about your life-improving, need-meeting, can't-live-without-it stuff. Think advertising, social media, PR, website, brochures. It's last on my list but should never be an afterthought! Not sure where to start? A friendly freelance marketer is an investment that can help you bring in more lolly.


About the author

Libby Marks is an award-winning copywriter and content marketer. After 15+ years in marketing and communications, she escaped the 9 to 5 and started Write on Tyne.

Write on Tyne is a small content and copywriting agency dedicated to making marketing managers' lives easier. We provide top-notch copy for campaigns, content marketing, and websites - underpinned by expertise in marketing strategy and SEO.


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