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How hiring a copywriter can make you money

Updated: Jun 30, 2021

It makes me so sad when I see businesses writing their own marketing copy. Not because it is costing me money. But because it is costing them money. Hiring a professional copywriter can boost your brand, attract your ideal customer, and convert website visits into sales. Meaning more money for your business.

You work hard to run your business. You surround yourself with the best people to deliver your services. But you're still writing your own website and brochures?

You're making a costly mistake.

By writing your own marketing materials you might be:

  • missing out on visitors to your site

  • under-selling what you offer

  • not closing valuable sales

  • wasting your precious time

And that means you've missed the opportunity to:

  • win customers

  • make sales

  • grow your business

  • maybe even retire early

Writing is easy, right?

Writing seems easy. You just put one word after another until you've said what you want to say, right? Wrong.

Writing to attract and influence customers is a specific skill. One that can bring in new clients and make sales if you get it right.

But get it wrong and you'll be wasting time and money on marketing materials that don't work.

Professional writers:

  • attract the right customers

  • make them want what you offer

  • persuade them to purchase

Do you want to walk or run?

Copywriting is like the Olympic 100-metres sprint compared to a walk in the park.

Most people can walk, putting one foot in front of the other.

But to compete and win professionally you need talent, training and experience.

People who write professionally are the pro-athletes of sales and marketing.

We use our skills to give your business the competitive advantage, to win custom and make sales.

And don't cost nearly as much as you're losing in missed sales.

Here's why you need help

1. Your skills lie elsewhere

I can't plumb, bake cakes, plaster, decorate, groom pets, run a restaurant... but I can write brilliant brochures and winning websites.

Clever business owners know when to hire in help. If writing isn't your thing, outsource it for better results.

2. You're too close

You know everything about your business. Maybe too much. You're too close to think about what your customer needs to know. You get bogged down in detail and miss the bigger picture.

I can tap into your knowledge and turn it into compelling calls to action that your customer can't resist. Is that a credit card I hear calling?

3. You've not got time

You're living the dream and running your own business, but I know that's not easy.

When was the last time you had an evening or weekend without working?

You haven't got time to struggle to find the right words for your website, blog or social media.

Let a professional take the pressure off, so you can have the evening off.

4. You don't know the tricks of the trade

Professional writers have specialist skills that attract customers, get them interested in your company, then convert that interest into action... making a purchase, getting in touch, joining your mailing list.

We know what customers want and we know how to give it to them. We don't just write, we sell. And isn't that what you want to do?

Ready to boost your business?

If you're ready to win more custom and make more sales, professional copywriting is a small-business must-have.

If you're interested in hiring a copywriter but don't know how, get in touch for a chat. I'll help you through the process, making it as painless and easy as possible. If you decide to hire me, I'll:

  • look at your existing marketing materials

  • think about what your customers need to know to take action

  • come back to you with practical improvements

Ready to boost your business? Email today.


About the author

Libby Marks is an award-winning copywriter and content marketer. After 15+ years in marketing and communications, she escaped the 9 to 5 and started Write on Tyne.

Write on Tyne is a small content and copywriting agency dedicated to making marketing managers' lives easier. We provide top-notch copy for campaigns, content marketing, and websites - underpinned by expertise in marketing strategy and SEO.

Get in touch about your project today.

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