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My content and copywriting process: 5 steps to project success

Updated: Nov 6, 2023

Illustration of a writer working at a desk, with the words My Content and Copywriting Process.

You're a marketer. You know how important it is to have a process. It's enshrined in the sacred 7Ps of marketing. And it just makes life easier.

Here's my process to make sure I hit the sweet spot on your content and copywriting projects. I've provided one content example and copywriting example.

Rest assured, we'll discuss the exact process for your particular project when we talk. Book your discovery call now.

Screenshot of a review from a copywriting client that highlights the quality of Write on Tyne's copywriting process

Content writing process example

Lead magnet/ebook

Step 1: Discovery call

Step 2: Project kick off call

Step 3: Outline

Step 4: First draft

Step 5: Second draft and sign off


Copywriting process example

Website landing/product page

Step 1: Discovery call

Step 2: Project kick off call

Step 3: Research and message development

Step 4: First draft and wireframe

Step 5: Second draft and sign off


Photo of Libby Marks copywriter - leaning against a glass wall in a modern office, wearing a fabulous leopard print dress.

About the author

Libby Marks is an award-winning copywriter and content marketer. After 15+ years in marketing and communications, she escaped the 9-to-5 and started Write on Tyne.

Write on Tyne is a small content and copywriting agency dedicated to making marketing managers' lives easier.

We provide top-notch copy for campaigns, content marketing, and websites - underpinned by expertise in marketing strategy and SEO.


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