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For brilliant-but-busy marketers

Award-winning content and copywriting

You want:

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More traffic

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Better leads

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Brand authority

But don't have the time, team or in-house expertise to create the copy and content you need.

If you've got a great marketing strategy but no-one to execute it... Or you're sick of commissioning content from cheeky chancers that don't deliver, then you're in the right place. 

From articles and ebooks, to web copy and white papers, I create high-quality marketing copy for digital and print media.

'Libby is the best content writer I have had the pleasure to work with.'


Magdalena Ivanova, Marketing Manager, WoodWing software


Single-Handed Sarah

Marketing team? You're looking at it. You've got KPIs coming out of your eyes. A bit of expert assistance would be worth its weight in gold. 

Agency-Assisted Ali


An awesome agency has created your content strategy. A whole year of ToFu and BoFu ideas. But, in your tiny team, who's going to write it all?!

Once-Bitten Will


You commissioned a writer before but the results were... dubious. You know you need to outsource but you don't know who to trust.

Which brilliant-but-busy marketer sounds like you?

Whatever your challenges, I've got your back.

My copywriting services are going to save you time and stress. 

I've got time-served processes to make things run smoothly, a proven portfolio of work spanning everything from ebooks to email sequences, and a roster of happy international clients. It all adds up to stress-free delivery of your marketing strategy. 

'Libby's expertise is second to none. She's also super creative and generally brilliant to have around. I speak on behalf of the whole Transmit team. What she's produced for us has exceeded our expectations at every turn.'

Suzy Jackson, 
Commercial Manager, 
Transmit Startups


Less head-in-hands stress. 
More punch-the-air YES!

I'm not here to sell you on the benefits of content marketing or copywriting. ​My clients understand the value of the written word. I work with talented people who know what they want and need a trusted partner to achieve it. 


But I am here to sell you on me. I'm not a weekend wannabe or a cheap chancer. I'm a full-time, all-in copy and content expert*. Which means less stress and more YES for you, as I nail the brief every time.


Meaning you spend less time feeling deflated and more time feeling like the AMAZING marketer you are. 

* Did I mention 20 years in marketing, CIM-qualified, CopyHackers and HubSpot certified, happy clients across the globe. Plus I'm a 100% needy people-pleaser, so you can be sure I'm going to do everything I can to keep you happy...

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Feeling deflated

  • Scrapping - badly written, cheap content

  • Getting lost in revision rounds with sub-par providers

  • Losing leads thanks to shoddy copy

  • Lamenting over budget you wasted on wannabes

  • Explaining yourself to Steve in management


Feeling elated

  • Focusing on stuff that really needs your attention

  • Celebrating the ROI from search-optimised content and copy

  • Benefiting from your own personal sounding board for strategy, planning and all-things content

  • Working effortlessly alongside your new favourite freelancer


Ready to meet your new favourite freelance copywriter?

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