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Tyne Valley Film Festival - arts sector website

Working closely with the programme director and print designer, I created this attractive film festival website. I had user experience and easy navigation in mind when I tackled this tricky build.

Design, build and copyediting for ​

Working directly with the festival director

The festival director provided all film and schedule information and the print designer provided notes on the visual approach.

After that, it was up to me to put it all together and create an easy-to-navigate website with an intuitive user journey.

Design and copywriting

I started by thinking about the 'top tasks' of the website visitor. What did they want to achieve through their visit? Presumably:

  • see what's on

  • find out how to book

  • learn more about the festival

So I made sure these were easy to complete from the home page.

Then I thought about different ways people might choose what film they want to see:

  • film name - if there was something specific I wanted to see

  • location - to see what was showing near me

  • dates - to see what was showing on the dates I was free

So I also put these on the homepage, so that visitors could quickly and easily assess their options.

Although most of the text was provided for the film listings, I provided on-page text to help users understand and navigate the site.

I'm particularly pleased with the multi-site map that allows users to see all venues and select more information about each one.


The website proved hugely popular, with one regional arts leader emailing to say that it was the most coherent and professional community arts programme and promotion he had seen.

Film festival director was very pleased with what I produced, saying:

'Libby created a website for our multi-venue film festival and was a joy to work with from start to finish. She grasped the brief with ease and created a website which not only looks great, but has the functionality to drive an increase in sales. I’d recommend Libby’s copy-writing and website building services to anyone who wants to better their cultural event.' 


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