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Transmit Growth Loans - financial services website

This business finance provider wanted to break the mould with disruptive branding and a distinctive style.

Website copywriting and layout for

Supporting Suzy, the marketing manager

Transmit Group are a financial services provider run by real people, not robots. Small but perfectly formed, they approach lending with compassion and care. So their formally formal website for growth loans just didn't fit.

I was already working with super Suzy on their startup loan provision, writing articles and ebooks to deliver their content marketing strategy. So it was lovely to be asked to work on this website as well.

Quirky copywriting

Through my long and lovely relationship with Transmit Group, I've grown to understand their brand and personality. And I was able to bring this to bear in the concept for this website.

Working with Suzy, we came up with a creative concept around the theme of breaking the mould and overturning tired and restrictive cliches.

Suzy had a visual approach in mind and turned her attention to that, whilst I looked after the website copy and layout.

The first step was to work out the 'top tasks' for website visitors and think of compelling marketing messages to guide them deeper into the site.

The next step was to use the existing WordPress templates to create a different design style.


The new website is very different to what you'd expect. Coronavirus has put this website project on hold for now but we'll be refining it once we're back to normal. In the meantime, the site has a distinctive look and feel that is perfect for the financially savvy but never stuffy Transmit team.


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