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Sunderland Connect Network - regional charity website

The contagious enthusiasm of charity director, Deb Fozzard, made it a pleasure to work on this regional charity website.

Website redesign and copywriting for

Helping director Deb overcome her minimalism

The existing website for this North East charity was perfectly adequate. But it reflected Deb's personal aesthetic: minimalist. This meant that the site was a little sparse on content. It was also a bit trickier to navigate than it should be.

Pro bono redesign

Hoping to secure my place in heaven, I offered to work on the website with Deb free of charge. We wanted to smooth out the structure and make their messages clearer.

I increased visual interest by adding large photos to capture the essence of this people-focused organisation.

I also rewrote the content in more reader-friendly way, making it easier to understand and more motivational.


Deb has been happy with the result. We are continuing to work on the site now the initial redesign phase is complete.


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