Museum educational resources

Updated: May 14, 2020

I had to include Pip the Pit Pony in my portfolio. A real-life retiree from the coal mining industry, he was living out his life at Beamish Museum when I was commissioned to create a series of educational resources for the museum.

Pip the Pit Pony

Probably the most fun project I've ever worked on, this activity book was devised and hand-drawn by Richard Stevenson, better known now as That History Bloke. Rich sketched out his ideas and I recreated them as vector graphics using Adobe Illustrator. I then compiled them into an attractive booklet and managed the print and delivery.

Educational resources

I also worked with the education team at Beamish Museum to produce a series of educational resources for primary school children. This included a branded folder, printed worksheets and a CD-Rom of additional activities (I worked with a very clever tech guy to develop that side of things).


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