From washout to winner: how copywriting helps you charge more

Updated: Apr 23, 2020

Here's a quick example of how marketing and copywriting can boost your business. Here are my two imaginary car cleaning firms. Both offer the exact same service. But who can charge more?

Obviously, it's Pride and Joy Luxury Car Spa.

Here's why:

  • business name shows they understand how much their customers' cars mean to them, and says they'll take suitable care of the vehicle

  • car spa slogan suggests pampering and a boutique service

  • photos clearly target owners of luxury vehicles

  • money back guarantee assumes satisfaction, not dissatisfaction

  • even the air freshener offer adds value, promising longer-lasting clean-car smell

This all adds up to a competitive advantage.

Pride and Joy target customers with more money, who demand a superior service.

As a result, they can charge much more for the exact same car wash.

Meaning they can retire earlier and buy a luxury car themselves.

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About the author

Libby is a freelance copywriter and content marketer from Newcastle-upon-Tyne. She worked in marketing and communications for 18 years before turning freelance in 2019. She's written for big brands and boutique businesses, crafting customer-friendly marketing content for print and online.

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