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Bowers & Norman - construction company website

Web design agency, Common Fiction, commissioned me to write this website for a new aspirational construction company. 

​Full website copywriting service for

The challenge for design agencies

Design agencies often tell me that it is very difficult to find a good copywriter.

The market is flooded with inexperienced writers getting creative with their credentials.

This is a big problem for agencies because, if they hire someone who isn't up to scratch, it is their agency that takes the hit. Either in missed deadlines, expensive revisions, or an unhappy end client.

That's why I'm always delighted when an agency asks me to work with. I love to please people and working with an agency means I get to delight them and their end client. Double whammy!

Aspirational copywriting

Bowers & Norman are a high-property developer with a specific clientele in mind. As a new business, they approached Common Fiction to help shape their brand from the start.

After working with the client to define some buyer personas, Common Fiction reached out to me. They needed my help define the correct tone and marketing messages to attract and convert their target audience.

I wrote the full website, to the designers' specification, including:

  • An inviting home page

  • Property information

  • Location information

  • About the business page

It was great fun to find out more about Kirkby Lonsdale, where the houses are based, and to daydream about owning one myself one day.


Both the web design agency and the end client were happy with the website copywriting service I provided. Andrew from Common Fiction says:

[Libby was] very professional and easy to work with! Client was really happy with the results. Couldn't recommend enough.


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