Copywriting packages

Your strategy, expertly delivered



Done-for-you copywriting packages for overstretched marketers 


You've got a great strategy but lack the time, team or expertise in-house to deliver it. So it sits on your desk gathering dust, or taking up valuable mental space as you wonder 'how the heck am I going to get this done?'.


Stop stressing and start delivering with my done-for-you copywriting packages.


I call them brief-and-breathe packages.


Just tell me what you need then breathe a sigh of relief, knowing that's one deliverable you don't have to worry about anymore.


Because you know high-quality copy, campaigns, content and - let's not forget why we're doing this - CONVERSIONS are coming your way.

Choose from one of four great value packages to suit your biggest business priorities:

  • Lead magnet campaign package

  • Content kickstarter package

  • Your quarterly wishlist package

  • At your service package

Done-for-you lead magnet campaign package

SAVE £926 on individual prices

A lead magnet doesn't exist in a vacuum. You need to promote it to get downloads and capture data, then nurture new leads and move them closer to purchase. 

My lead magnet campaign package includes everything you need to get the best return from your ebook, report or white paper.

  • 1 x brand familiarisation session

  • 1 x ebook or white paper

  • 1 x download landing page copy

  • 3-email nurture campaign

  • 3 x short-form promotional blog posts

  • 3 x supporting case studies inc 1 x SME interview


Individually these pieces would cost £9,375 +VAT. Package price just £8,449 +VAT.

Spaces are limited to one a month, so book now to avoid disappointment.

Content kickstarter package​

10% discount compared to booking pieces individually

They say, if you want to sit under a shady oak tree, the best time to plant was 20 years ago - but the next best time is today. It's the same with content. Don't let the fact you're a little behind the curve stop you from harnessing the awesome power of content marketing.


If you need to raise your content game ASAP, get a library of content in a matter of weeks with my content kickstarter package.


  • One-off familiarisation day comprising:

    • Zoom call with your in-house subject-matter expert

    • Familiarisation with your brand documentation 

    • Keyword research

    • Insight mining from customer reviews

  • 10 pieces of your choice


Package price dependant on your selection – see individual prices page for more information. 50% deposit required.

Your quarterly wishlist package

10% discount compared to booking pieces individually

You've got BIG plans. Let me help you execute them. Whatever you've got planned for the coming quarter, you need a reliable delivery partner who can share the workload.


Get in touch to talk about your needs and how I can take away some of the stress, strain and pain of executing your awesome and ambitious marketing strategy.


  • Bespoke package based on your needs. 

  • 10% discount on individual prices

  • Book full quarter booked in advance

  • 50% deposit required

Spaces are limited to one client per quarter, to make sure you get my dedicated attention. So book now to avoid disappointment. 

At-your-service package

Sometimes you don't know what you need. You just know you need an extra expert pair of hands.


That's why you can book me for one or two days per week and throw anything you've got at me. 


Whatever your priorities that week, set me to work on any of your copywriting or content needs, from my broad portfolio of content and conversion copy services. 

As well as being able to breathe a HUGE sigh of relief knowing I'm in your corner for the quarter, you also get a 10% discount on my standard day rate. 

All I ask is that you commit to a miinimum of three months, paid monthly in advance. 

Standard day rate £500 +VAT

At-your-service package day rate £450 +VAT