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Copywriter near me...

Searching for 'copywriter near me'? Why?

In our age of remote work and collaborative tech, there's no need to limit your search to local freelancers.

Searching for a local copywriter prioritises proximity over suitability - maybe even *actual* ability.

When there's a whole world of talent out there, why plump for someone just because they're nearby? Thanks to COVID, the likelihood is you'll never meet them anyway.

Don't let proximity bias undermine your efforts - choose the best copywriter for your needs, not just the closest.



Communication is key, whoever you hire. Just because you can't meet face-to-face, don't neglect communication. Pick up the phone, set up a video call, or use instant messaging to discuss your project. 


Embrace collaborative technology. With my remote clients, I use Slack to chat, Google Docs to collaborate on content, and Trello to track project progress. It works so smooth, it's like we're in the same room.  


Only mushrooms like living in the dark. I always share my process with clients, so they know exactly what to expect and what comes next. From familiarisation and content planning, to delivery and delight.

How to work well with a copywriter that's not 'near me'

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