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Need a copywriter in Scotland? 

Will someone just south of the border do? Take a chance on your Geordie neighbour - an award-winning content marketer and copywriter from Newcastle-upon-Tyne. 

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Scotland copywriter? (This is awkward...) 

Hi. I'm Libby. If you're looking for a copywriter near Scotland, I'm sorry to disappoint.


But congratulations because you've found the next best thing. A Geordie copywriter instead. 

I'm an award-winning copywriter based in Newcastle-upon-Tyne. A genuine Geordie and highly experienced marketing writer.


I've written for big North East names - like Newcastle University,  Northumbria University, Durham University, Newcastle Building Society, Stockton Council, Tommee Tippee - as well as international brands from around the globe. 

If you're a business in Scotland, looking to work with an (almost) local copywriter, get in touch. 

Copywriting services in Scotland

Need copywriting services in Middlesbrough? Here's what this North East copywriter has to offer:


Conversion copywriting that harnesses the power of psychology to turn prospects into customers.

Content writing

Content marketing that boosts your brand authority, attracts organic traffic, and warms up leads.

Content strategy

Strategy that provides a clear roadmap to building your topical authority and optimising your site for search.  

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