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Watch over my shoulder as I show you the content planning techniques I use with my clients. Learn how to plan optimised blog posts and articles to increase your visibility in organic search.

Want to attract more customers to your website? What about boosting your reputation? And making more sales?

Then you need to think about content marketing for SEO and lead generation.

It doesn't have to be difficult.

If you want to learn how to plan effective content for your website, I'm here to help.

My free video course will walk you through the process I use when I plan content for my clients.

You'll get to watch over my shoulder as I strategically plan the content for my own website.

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Learn industry expertise you can apply to your own marketing, including:

💥 identifying your target customer

💥 the stages of the buyers journey


💥 using keywords to plan content


💥 structuring content for SEO


💥 promoting your content


💥 and more

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