Content audit & updating

Is your marketing content out-of-date and out-of-control?


Don't let old articles and blog posts undermine your reputation and rankings.

Don't you just hate it when you Google something and get an old article that's no longer relevant? How does that make you feel about the website and business behind it?


Old content is becoming a significant risk to organisations that don't have the time to update their material.

I'll provide a thorough report to help you review, update and improve content across your site. Or update the content for you, if you just want the content freshened up and the problem fixed.

My content audit and update service means visitors always get the best from your business and you maximise the relevance and ROI of your content.


£225 per three-hour audit session. 

Marketing content audit and update

How does it work?

Step 1: You

When you commission me, we'll have a chat about what you need, to make sure we're on the same page.

1.     Identify the content you want to audit and update.

2.     Transfer the content you want reviewed into Word or Google Docs. (I can do this for you but it is more affordable to do it yourself.)

3.     Provide weblinks to the original content and to the relevant Google Docs.

4.     Let me know any pertinent information about your audience and content aims.

Then you can just leave me to it!


I book this service in three-hour slots. The length and complexity of your content will determine how much I can audit and update during that time. 


Step 2: Me​

Once I'm briefed and have received the required information, I'm ready to go. I will: 

1.     Review the content for anything likely to impact SEO, as agreed with you. This could include:

  • outdated information

  • structure and formatting

  • keyword deployment

  • tone of voice

  • readability

  • meta-descriptions

2.     Provide recommendations for amends in Word or Google Docs.


3.     Provide a spreadsheet of content that will need reviewing again in 12 months, so you can easily keep on top of updates in future.

PS. If you use WordPress and want the amends making there, I can also do that for an additional fee. Easy!